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Education Committee

  • Dong Ho Lee (Chairman)
  • Morio Matsumoto
  • Sun Yu
  • Jun Mizutani


To oversee the educational activities of CSRS-AP with special emphasis on designing improved methods of education, documenting the effectiveness of the educational activities, course planning and instructor development.


This committee will provide a venue for the education of multidisciplinary information on research, techniques, current concepts and new technologies related to the care and treatment of the cervical spine through balanced and unbiased educational programs. The overall education program is intended to improve professional development and enhance practice through implementation of new techniques, research, and concepts learned during an activity. The committee will in no way be involved in the marketing activities of any surgical instrument/implant company.


The Committee will attempt to hold instructional course lectures or symposium once per year. A part of each meeting agenda will be devoted, but not limited to; Evaluation of recent courses, Discussion of new approaches, Implementation of required program changes, Standardization of course content, Evaluating educator effectiveness, Requests for courses, Consideration of new Faculty applications

In the future, the Committee will attempt to develop a patient education program.

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