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The CSRS (Cervical Spine Research Society) is an organization of individuals dedicated to the study and research related to the cervical spine. The first inaugural meeting was held in New York City in 1973. Since then annual meetings have been held at various cities on the North American Continent. International participation and exchange of ideas and information has always been the vital part of the society and it was in 1984 that the Cervical Spine Research Society European Section (CSRS-ES) was established.

Over the years, attendance of surgeons, physicians and researchers from the Asia-Pacific region to CSRS and CSRS-ES meetings have steadily increased. A great deal of researches looking at myelopathy, spinal stenosis, ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament, laminoplasty and cervical pedicle screws have been presented at the annual meetings by the Asia-Pacific delegates.

From around year 2000 ideas and plans for the establishment of CSRS Asia-Pacific section (CSRS-AP) was initiated. In 2008, the Executive and Membership Committees of the CSRS met together in Austin to discus the propriety of the establishment of CSRS-AP. All committee members voted unanimously to endorse the establishment of CSRS-AP. They welcomed CSRS-AP as a sister organization of CSRS and CSRS-ES.

The formation and establishment of the CSRS-AP is not a separation of the Asian Pacific members from CSRS or CSRS-ES. The main purpose of CSRS-AP is to pursue the ideals and goals of sharing the scientific information and clinical experience with our sister societies through reciprocal attendance of annual meetings of each society and the exchanges of travelling fellows.

We, the members of the CSRS-AP, would like to do our best to promote patient care, particularly the treatment of cervical spinal disorders through various scientific and social activities and cordially welcome worldwide spine surgeons and researchers to join CSRS-AP.

Thank you

Kuniyoshi Abumi, MD
The former President and the Secretary of the Cervical Spine Research Society, Asian-Pacific Section

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